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Claude Dozorme

Laguiole Claude Dozorme Boxed Set of Six Steak Knives - Several Colors Available

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These Laguiole Berlingot steak knives are a shop favorite! Not only are they beautiful but they are fabulously constructed, make the BEST knives and make a wonderful wedding or shower gift or even a gift for yourself! They are all made in the cutlery workshop of Claude Dozorme, in France.

Technical specifications:

  • This set of six steak knives is composed of table knives with stainless steel rivets and half-silk blades with heat treatment. 
  • The X46Cr13 stainless steel used is a very good quality material. Its rockwell hardness is between 54 and 56 HCR.
  • Specially designed to cut all types of meat and do not need to be resharpened thanks to the micro-toothing of its blade.
  • Equipped with methacrylate handles that are dishwasher safe.
  • Come in a birch wood gift box.
  • The dimensions of these Laguiole knives are 4.3 inches for the handle and 3.9 inches for the blade for a total of 8.2 inches long.
  • These cutlery products are handcrafted in France. All the steps have been carried out in the workshop of Claude Dozorme.