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Hiles Two

ILY Kids' Beaded Bracelet

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A loving message for your favorite tiny human ages ~2 - 8.  

This kid's bracelets matches with our adult rainbow GRATITUDE and MAMA bracelets.

Adjustable size, and easy to take on and off. Makes a great gift.


*These beaded bracelets are delicate due to their handmade construction and delicate materials like fragile glass beads and handcrafted tassels. Please treat your bracelet with extra TLC. The tassels are handmade, delicate little accents - they unravel when exposed to moisture and should not be used to pull the bracelet open and closed.


Smallest adjustable size is 1.75" in diameter. Largest diameter is 2.5." Ideal for ages ~2-8.

Japanese glass beads, Nylon cord and tassel accent

Bracelet is approximately 1" wide.