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Hiles Two

Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Hand Painted Ceramic Cruet

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Hand-painted ceramic filled with Galantino extra virgin olive oil.

The “Fantasia" hand-painted ceramic comes in a variety of colors and is hand-painted by local artisans of the Puglia region of Italy, where the award-winning Frantoio Galantino olive mill is located. It is filled with their delicious authentic extra virgin olive oil.

Discover the passion of the Galantino Family, a family that has been masters of olive oil since 1926. They only select the best olives from their groves near Bari (Apulia), near the Adriatic coast, a region that produces more olives than anywhere else in the world.
  • Available in six different colors: red, turquoise, green, marigold, Bordeaux, or cobalt blue
  • Sold individually
  • Net weight: 250 ml/8.8 fl oz