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Hiles Two

Cooling Towel

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These are kinda magic. The power is in your hands. Your new fitness essential. Loved by runners and perfect for a sweaty gym class. Made from dual layered cooling technology with added jadestone, they keep you cool for up to 6 hours. Simply WET the towel. SQUEEZE the excess water away. SNAP the fabric with a few shakes. Then feel the COOL to 15°C / 59°F.
So many uses...use then in the gym, fitness classes, running, on the golf course, basically any other sport, keeping your head cool while sunbathing, migraines, headaches, hangovers (tried and tested), keeping your pet cool, working in the yard, WFH in the summer when you don't have air conditioning... the list goes on. After use, just leave them hung up to air dry overnight and they will be ready to pack up or use again. Make sure they are fully dry before packing them away for some time - while they are certainly magic for cooling, they aren't mold-resistant.
  • Dual layered cooling technology with added Jadestone to keep you cool for up to 6 hours. The ultimate gym towel.
  • Made from 100% Polyester cooling yarn
  • 27 x 13"
  • Cold machine wash (under 30 degrees). After the first few washes it's ok to turn up the heat.
  • The pouches are hand wash only and should not go in the washing machine.
  • Don't mix your white shirt or dress with a colored towels (or colored anything), it can lead to tears! 
  • Try not to use fabric softener, as over time it can reduce the absorbency of the towel. Using fabric softener will not destroy your towel the first time it is used, but over time, it can degrade the performance of your product, and we want it to last as long as possible for you!
  • Do not bleach, or put near fire or hot implements.
  • Tumble drying is ok if you need to, but air-drying is kinder to the towels.