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Hiles Two

Birdie Mahjong Travel Playing Cards

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Ditch the bulky tiles and travel light with Mahjong Playing Cards! Featuring beautiful Birdie Tile designs on these green and blue cards, this deck offers the classic Mahjong experience in a convenient, portable format. Perfect for on-the-go enthusiasts, these cards let you enjoy strategic gameplay anywhere, anytime, all while keeping your luggage light thanks to the space-saving design. Beautiful box for keeping.

Cards included: - 160 Cards - 1-9 Bams, Cracks and Dots (4 of each) = 108 - N E W S (4 of each) = 16 - Red, Green and White Dragon (4 of each) = 12 - Flowers = 8 - Jokers = 10 - Blanks = 6