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Bauble Stockings

Holiday Grace Ballerina Needlepoint Stocking

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Timeless, whimsical, and a treasure you'll keep forever, these stockings are extra special for each person. It is sure to be an heirloom you'll love and look forward to its tradition each year.

Bauble Stockings started as a family tradition, where the final gift of Christmas, or a clue to it, is found in your Bauble Stocking. It isn’t the most expensive gift, but it is the most thoughtful, and always makes you feel so loved.

We’ve heard many uses for your stocking. Kids searching the house on scavenger hunts, newlyweds taking turns planning a surprise trip each year, and grandparents replacing white envelopes with something that will become a lifelong treasure. Using them as place cards around the holiday table. A favorite is giving a stocking to a mom- the task of working with dad to pick out this special gift for her each year is a memory that will last a lifetime.

These stockings are hand-stitched in Haiti for fair trade. The stitchers are single moms who earn the equivalent of a nurse or teacher and can work from their homes. Starting this tradition in your home genuinely provides meaningful jobs in another. 

Hand-stitched needlepoint with cotton threads and velvet backing. 6" long, 4.25" wide

5% profit goes to the Atlanta Children's Shelter.